Find Out Top Four Ways Hickory VA Residential Landscapers Can Help You Maintain Green Lawns In All Seasons

It is the dream of nearly all homeowners to maintain green landscapes around their residences, especially during early fall and late summer months. Luckily, a green lawn is easy to sustain throughout the year with the right input and professional help. It is always disgusting to see brown and yellow spots in front of your yard when all you wish for is green scenery. The rest of this post outlines the sure ways reliable Hickory VA residential landscapers can help you maintain a green lawn throughout the year.

Seasonal Aeration

Proper lawn aeration is an essential maintenance practice that can help you have an appealing landscape in every season. The aeration process ensures healthy and strong roots that absorb enough water to feed the entire plant sufficiently. Our lawn care service and management practices involve soil assessment to ensure proper air circulation. The landscaping experts use relevant tools such as spikes and plug aerator that penetrate sufficient depth in the soil.

Filling in Empty Spaces

It is imperative for homeowners to plant flowers or add grass to empty spaces in their lawns. This practice helps them to improve the density of every lawn by filling bare spaces where grass grows sporadically or does not exist. Fall and spring are the best periods fill such spaces when the soil is not stressed by foot traffic, pests or drought. We always inspect the landscape to identify areas that need additional grass or flowers and advise you on effective watering to support new growth.

Regular Soil Testing

The stability, health and potential of the plants in your lawns depend on the type of the soil within your residence. Healthy soil supports proper plant growth and makes the lawns appear green in all seasons. Look for reliable local landscapers near me to test soil for various aspects that support healthy plant growth such as essential nutrients and PH. We then adjust relevant nutrients after understanding the soil composition with lawn supplement. Such adjustments can help in correcting the composition and resolve underlying deficiencies.

Right Fertilizer Usage

Dead and spotty patches on a landscape bring an unsightly appearance that compromises the aesthetics of the entire yard. Such problems arise due to lack of some nutrients and can be corrected by applying relevant fertilizers. However, we always encourage you to contact our landscapers for soil testing and lawn inspection to identify the issues causing plants death or discoloration. Avoid random spreading of fertilizers on unhealthy lawn as it can worsen the issue. Call us for timely assessment and expert intervention.

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