Benefits Of Using Landscapers In Great Bridge, VA

Chances are if you own a home in the Chesapeake, Hickory and Great Bridge, Virginia region, you recognize the importance of the curb appeal and general appearance of the structures, as well as the planting and landscaping around them. Are you looking for landscapers in Great Bridge, VA? If you need landscaping services in Great Bridge and the surrounding area, Good N’ Green Lawns is the most reliable and respected team in the area.

Our services include weekly lawn care maintenance, as well as long term maintenance services, which include mowing, pruning shrubs, installing mulch and related services. Some of the elements for lawn care are weekly, others are related to seasonal cycles. We have the expertise to provide recommendations for necessary regular maintenance, as well as helping you do designs which better reflect the preferences and dreams of the homeowner.

When doing designing for your outdoor spaces, the process is much more than just putting a few trees, shrubs and flowers around and hoping for the best. The design should take into consideration elements such as the soil composition, shade and sun, existing structures and underground infrastructure. Determining the type of usage to which the space will be subject is also a vital element.

Of course, the preferences of the homeowner are a key element in designing landscapes. Elements such as walkways, pools, vegetable or flower beds or play areas can drastically affect the way the final design looks. The homeowner may be looking for low maintenance or low water need plants or may choose to make landscape care a key element of their recreational schedule. A customized plan will take all of these elements into consideration.

The best-designed spaces around your residence need care and attention to keep them looking their best. Plants grow and unfortunately, so do weeds. Keeping your plants looking great and remaining healthy can be part of the care plan we provide for our customers. We take care of any regular tasks, as well as to plan for long- term tasks such as pruning, replanting where needed, and making sure that weeds don’t get a foothold. We will provide a consultation to help develop a care plan for your green-space.

When your outdoor living spaces deserve the benefits of regular attention and you don’t have the time or the green thumb which care needs, Good n Green can help. If you are looking for landscaping companies in Hickory VA, call 757-679-1222 today for a free quote!

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